Confidentiality Policy

As a human service agency dealing with issues of domestic violence and sexual assault, the Family Justice Center becomes involved in particularly private and personal areas of people’s lives. Confidentiality is critical to the services and advocacy we provide. It is fundamental to both client and provider safety, and the integrity of our services. Confidential communications are accorded to any victim, child or non-offender significant other who seeks our assistance. Even the fact that an individual has contacted the Center is confidential and will not be shared with any third party (see exceptions below).

There may be circumstances under which the Center may disclose confidential information without the consent of a client:

If a client is incompetent and a legal guardian has been appointed for the client, the guardian has the right to consent to disclose.

If a situation involves a life-threatening emergency.

A disclosure of suspected child abuse made to FJC staff or volunteer must be reported as mandated by law.

The confidential client relationship does not protect a staff member from the responsibility to report the intent to commit a crime.

It is the policy of the Family Justice Center to hold confidential all communications, observations and information made by, between or about clients. This includes all client, service, and administrative records, including any and all logs and records resulting from telephone contacts. Communications are confidential whether made by adults or children, and whether to or between staff, volunteers or board members of this organization.

All clients, staff, contractors, volunteers and board members must sign a written agreement to maintain confidentiality. Violation of this policy will be considered grounds for terminating services or relationship with the program.

Call 318-584-7171 or the 24 hour Louisiana State crisis line (888) 411-1333 for immediate assistance.


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Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.